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12.5 hours of reading and 1 hour internet for 48 hour book challenge completed

The break down:
Friday-Four hours of reading and 30 minutes posting on twitter and checked out other blogs participating in the challenge.
Saturday-Five hours of reading and no internet time. I worried internet time would distract me from my real goal of reading books. I struggled on Saturday to get time to read. I originally thought I would read closer to eight hours but parenting a five-year old boy is time demanding. I also did not read as many pages as I thought I would. I suffered from many reading interruptions( the life of a parent to a five-year old boy).
Sunday-Three and half hours of reading and 30 minutes checking our other blogs. I woke up at 5 am to get some alone time to finish reading


The Books= 854 pages

    Raising a Confident Reader

-Finished the last sixty pages of this book to begin the challenge. I have mixed feeling about this book so writing a review is going to take me more process time.


– Finished the last 25% of this book on my Kindle, I am guessing that is 40 pages of reading. I loved this book. I only wish I had read this book sooner.
Oh No She Didn’t: The Top 100 Style Mistakes Women Make and How to Avoid Them
208 pages of snarky Clinton to break up my more serious reading. This book was funny but I can also see if you took his comments seriously you might get your feelings hurt.

240 pages of incredible inspiration for all teachers. I hope she is successful with changing the teaching world to correct the wrongs of our test-centric society.

306 pages of walking in someone else’s shoes. Easy to read and very inspiring. I guess as a former science teacher and future librarian there could not be a better book to read.

If I had the challenge to do over I would start later so I could utilize my Sunday afternoon.

Starting 48 hour Book Challenge today at 10 am Central time Friday June 3

I am committing to this challenge. I have The Book Whisperer, Oh No She Didn’t, Raising Confident Readers, Getting Things Done, The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, and Unbound on my to be read list.

48 Hour Book Challenge – the kick in the pants I have been needing.

Since I started reading kid lit blogs in 2006 I have been considering starting my own blog. To participate in the challenge I must have a blog so I am finally taking the leap. Hopefully, this will be a great beginning to my adventures in blogging.